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Dr. Ferdinand Steiner:

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Alles Leben ist Schwingung

Lernen in ganz Europa (Graz-Seggau)

The bylaws of The Academy will follow here soon.


Rei-Ki vivid A.R.T.®

IT Consulting


ART (paintings, galleries)


ART (paintings, music and more)


Reiki (Sensei Usui and more)

Accademia Systemica Italiana

Family Constellation

Dr. Ferdinand Steiner

Medical Product Consultant


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Österreichische BildungsAllianz

Adult and school education

Bürgerinitiative Mariagrün

against cellular phone (civic action group)


Director of the Academy of New Science - Europe 


Academy for the Art of Research & Transformation Ltd.
Consulting, development & training limited
The work of the Academy for the Art of Research & Transformation covers a wide realm of themes:

But there ist just "one" behind all: perfection...

Perfection is the background of consciousness and in the ability to learn more - without any limits and without any end.

Why should someone start?

Because no-one has survived this planet and so far it is important to look a little bit behind the szene.
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